Wired for sound: neuroceutical boosts immunity

Smartphone neuroceutical app harnesses the brain’s quantum state to boost the immune system in the fight against aging.

Quantum mechanics, the motion and interaction of subatomic particles in all their uncertainty and wave-particle duality, plays a role in the brain. A researcher in Sevastopol, Ukraine, claims he can tap into the brain’s data reception / transmission system, as well as its subconscious, using the brain’s quantum nature, and boost the immune system with neuroceutical tech.

And all this can be done with an app on a smartphone; neuroceuticals are a fast-growth area in developing new therapies.

Longevity.Technology: The idea of using an app to deliver signals that stimulate the immune system is exciting; although research into the quantum nature of the brain is in its infancy, it is logical to think that changes made at that tiny level could have enormous potential for Longevity; so we like to keep an open mind.

Ontogenesis is the study of an individual’s development; Yurii Pozniak, Head of Human Ontogenesis Lab, Laboratory of Human Ontogenesis, Sevastopol, believes that tailoring a programme of treatment to an individual can have incredible results.

Longevity Technology
Before and after images of weight loss and muscle development (source: Yurii Pozniak, Polytechnic Institute, Moscow)

His non-invasive unidirectional digital frequency correction programme works by transmitting encoded sound signals, ultrasound, electromagnetic, magnetic or micro-electrical pulses. This “digital correction” is carried out by transmitting encoded audio signals through headphones to the patient’s brain or by remote sound / ultrasound transmission using a remote exposure device.

According to Pozniak, the brain reacts to digital correction by conducting an “audit” on the state of the body and correcting any discovered “errors” – meaning the immune system seeks out and destroys symptoms of aging, and acquired or senile diseases.

Pozniak explains: “Our technology restores the human body in a healthy (younger) stage of life-activity. This is very similar to restoring a computer program at a safe recovery point, while troubleshooting a malfunction in the main program [1].”

The non-invasive unidirectional digital correction programme is effective, according to Pozniak, in the treatment of arterial hypertension, post-stroke condition, neurological disorders, atherosclerosis and post-infarction conditions and type 2 diabetes.

Longevity Technology
Progress images of weight loss to fifth diabetes (source: Yurii Pozniak, Polytechnic Institute, Moscow)

The programme is also claimed to have a positive effect on the immune system, boosting it and enhancing the effect of drugs on the body [2].

Pozniak’s team has performed over 500 tests of various types on volunteers, and they report that all the tests have had and still have stable positive results. They have also been granted a preliminary patent at the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia. As the technology is refined, an app that can be easily rolled-out, according to Pozniak, and navigated will be needed to ensure easy access to the programme.

It’s always interesting to see what researchers are doing in other parts of the world. We’ve addressed neuroceutical audio technologies in the past – including Leeds researchers finding that stimulating the Vagus nerve with an electric current via the ear could rebalance the nervous system and assist in healthier aging; and AudioCardio’s patented technology generates personalised audio therapies to help stimulate and strengthen hearing cells.

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