Wonderland Conference expands into longevity and mental health

Amazing adventures in Wonderland: Jason Najum, Senior Editor & Writer of Microdose, on why psychedelics and longevity go hand-in-hand.

Healing the mind and body. Overcoming physical and mental health issues. Living a better, longer, healthier life.

At the end of the day – after all the research and innovation – that’s what all this work is really about.

From psychedelic medicine to longevity science, innovative new treatment models are gaining mainstream acceptance. And with this healthcare renaissance comes the opportunity for synergies between these complementary industries, accelerating progress towards the common goal:

Better health outcomes for everyone.

Natural synergies: psychedelics & longevity science

Mental and physical health issues go beyond the diagnosed condition – their effects can ripple through so many other aspects of our lives.

Not only do they cause physical changes in the body (i.e. depression can damage brain cells) but they also contribute to a range of other physical problems like chronic stress, poor diet, inactivity, smoking, and addiction – which in turn increases the odds of everything from cardiovascular disease to cancer.

Wonderland Conference expands into longevity and mental health

According to a Canadian study, people suffering from depression have a substantially shorter lifespan than those not experiencing mental health disorders [1]. Data from over 3,000 patients showed that depression was associated with shorter lifespans across every group.

In another paper from Oxford University, researchers conducted a meta-study of 1.7 million individuals and over 250,000 deaths [2]. The review found some staggering numbers. Life expectancy was reduced between 9 to 24 years for drug and alcohol abuse; 7 to 11 years for depression; and 8 to 10 years for smokers.

These links between mental health issues and lifespan highlight the synergies between longevity and psychedelic medicine

Psychedelics have been showing groundbreaking results. From psilocybin rewiring the brain after depression [3], to 57% of patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder entering remission after DMT treatments [4], to 86% of patients with Alcohol Abuse Disorder abstaining from drinking for 6 months. And then there’s using MDMA for trauma and PTSD – a clinical trial with results so impressive it will likely soon be approved by the FDA.

Psychedelics, longevity, and wellness seem to be natural allies. 

Wonderland Conference expands into longevity and mental health

Microdose’s Wonderland Conference has already established itself as the premier industry event in the psychedelic medicine space. But as new healthcare industries like longevity develop, so do opportunities for collaborations and innovations. 

This is the motivation behind Wonderland expanding beyond psychedelics – to help reach more people and move our systems towards better health outcomes. 

Connor Haslam, Microdose CEO, couldn’t be happier to see the growth of Wonderland into different areas.

“Psychedelics, mental health, and longevity are inherently tied together, and we’re excited to be expanding the focus of Wonderland to larger aspects of health and well-being,” he says. “Better mental health leads to a longer life, yet what’s the point of a longer life if you’re not living well? Psychedelics can help with all sides of the equation.”

To accelerate this integration between psychedelics and longevity, Microdose has formed a partnership with Longevity.Technology for this year’s big Wonderland Conference. Longevity.Techonology is an official media partner for the show and Longevity’s Phil Newman will lead a panel discussion on the Longevity Market and Investment Landscape.

Other longevity speakers like Bryan Johnson and Aubrey de Grey will be presenting at Wonderland, with more great content being announced every day.

Wonderland Conference expands into longevity and mental health
Bryan Johnson

This year’s Wonderland will bring together researchers, clinicians, investors, and enthusiasts from various sectors to collaborate on transforming the biotech and longevity industries. Attendees will have access to stages dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge developments in Psychedelic Medicine, Mental Healthcare, and Longevity. 

There will also be great opportunities to network and connect with others in these growing sectors.

“There’s an almost endless amount of potential crossover between longevity, mental health, and psychedelic medicine – yet these worlds have barely begun to communicate. Our goal is to expand the conversation and show that we’re all part of the same health ecosystem.”

Learn more about the synergies between psychedelics and longevity here

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Jason Najum, Senior Editor & Writer of Microdose

With a background in both the creative and business worlds, from travel writing to managing content for industry publications, Jason’s goal is to push conversations forward and be part of projects that matter. As well as a Lonely Planet and National Geographic contributor, Jason is currently Managing Editor and Senior Writer in the psychedelic medicine industry for Microdose.

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Photos courtesy of Microdose