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System: Take control of your health and longevity

Access your full epigenetics and DNA health profile.

Aging is a major risk factor for most chronic diseases.

The Longevity.Technology® System combines a biological age test, app, and curated longevity products to help guide your longevity journey towards a healthier and longer life.

Knowledge is a power, Longevity.Technology System puts you in control:

Epigenetics test results (what you can adjust):

  • Are you older or younger than your birthday age;
  • Is your memory age at risk or are you doing OK;
  • What about your inflammation markers?

Longevity.Technology System gives you the insights you need.

DNA test results (what you were born with):

  • Learn how your body responds to carbs, fats, protein, and sugars
  • Understand your risks for obesity, bone density, type 2 diabetes and even caffeine
  • Take control of your exercise; learn about your muscle power, anaerobic threshold, and inflammation


One easy saliva sample gives you access to a full epigenetic and DNA health profile: discover your biological age, and your health risks and take control of your future health and longevity.


Access both epigenetic and DNA reports with clinically referenced guidance; all in a mobile app that’s personalized to your epigenetics and DNA


In partnership with leading brands and ingredient developers: activate our curated longevity products to proactively boost your daily regimen.View our curated products page >


A regular epigenetics re-test helps see where you’re winning and where you have work to do: we’re here to help you every step of the way towards a healthier and longer life.


Longevity.Technology System uses the same technology employed by leading longevity clinics and major universities around the world to manage clients and research projects in the health, well-being and longevity space.


Users of the same test.


DNA and epigenetics datapoints.


Countries around the world.

Our mission is for everyone to live their healthiest and longest life: let us help you!

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