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The comprehensive choice for your health and longevity.

Results and guidance always on your mobile;
Daily advice on health, exercise; and nutrition;
200+ pages of downloadable epi & DNA results;
Access the best 3rd party products;
No monthly fee, re-test when you are ready.

Your DNA report

Our custom technology reviews 1,000 genetic areas and provides over 300 DNA outcomes to report on 5 core health areas with an additional 12 key health insights which include:

Genetic Bone Mineral Density
Caffeine Sensitivity
Genetic Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Genetic Infection Risk (Cold/Flu)
Genetic Obesity Risk
Genetic Hypertension Risk

Your Epigenetics report

Epigenetics allows you to understand and track how your lifestyle and environment affect your genes. Using progressive Epigenetic science and advanced bioinformatics we calculate your biological age; our systems recommend ways to improve your health based on your results.

Our lab partners

We partner with Muhdo whose laboratory partner is the global leader in the bioanalytical testing market. They operate over 800 labs in 47 countries, ensuring your results are as accurate as possible.

Aging is a major risk factor for most chronic diseases.
  • With Longevity.Technology System your purchase is just beginning. You’ll receive:
  • Biological age revelation: Go beyond the calendar and learn your biological age;
  • Comprehensive health reports: Dive into key areas of your health that your DNA influences;
  • Discover insights according to your DNA: Discover how your genetics affect your response to different foods and nutrients;
  • Vitamin needs decoded: Receive multiple detailed reports on how your body handles vital micronutrients;
  • Physical performance analysis: Learn about your body’s exercise potential to optimize your fitness regime;
  • Tailored supplement guidance: Get recommendations on which supplements can best support your health plan.


Why not upgrade to DNA12: your ongoing health assessment to advise you every month, not just a one of health test or assessment like many others

You can subscribe to DNA12 at checkout or upgrade anytime via the Longevity.Technology app.

Our mission is for everyone to live their healthiest and longest life: let us help you!

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