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The scientific choice for your health and longevity.

The Longevity.Technology® System combines a biological age test, app, and curated longevity products to help guide your longevity journey towards a healthier and longer life.

Our mission is for everyone to live their healthiest and longest life: let us help you!

What is Biological Age?

We actually have two ages: Chronological age and biological age.

Your chronological age is the exact number of years that you have been alive. Whereas your biological age is the true reflection of how your cells are aging. Your biological age and internal health can be affected by your diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment.

We partner with Muhdo whose laboratory partner is the global leader in the bioanalytical testing market. They operate over 800 labs in 47 countries, ensuring your results are as accurate as possible.

The symphony of life

Our surroundings, from diet and exercise to stress and social interactions, can leave an epigenetic mark. This “epigenome” encompasses chemical modifications on DNA and proteins, influencing gene expression and does potentially impacting health and egme longevity.

It's super-simple

All that is needed from you is a small saliva sample that you send back to us in a pre-paid envelope.

Download the Longevity.Technology app and follow the onscreen instructions.
Use the instructions in the kit to provide your saliva sample.
Send your sample back to us in the pre-paid envelope provided.
You’ll receive your results in 3-4 weeks. But in the meantime, you can start using the app.

Longevity.Technology System uses the best technology:

  • Epigenetic results in platform: 6,800 individuals and counting;
  • Custom genotype array (1000 genotypes): 18,000 individuals and counting:
  • Custom epigenetics array coverage: 30,000 CpG;
  • Epigenetic research platform for scientists;
  • Disease genotype reporting;
  • Nutrition/Sports genotype reporting;
  • Epigenetic disease algorithms;
  • 6 direct peer-reviewed published papers;
  • Age of onset clocks: heart disease, wrinkles, T2 diabetes, osteoarthritis;
  • Practitioner and clinic platform;
  • Workplace and HR reporting platform;
  • Athlete and coaches reporting platform.


Why not upgrade to DNA12: the ongoing health assessment to advise you every month, not just a one of health test or assessment like many others

You can subscribe to DNA12 at checkout or upgrade anytime via the Longevity.Technology app.

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