MindScopic raise $550,000 for nootropic supplements

MindScopic’s nootropics are designed to improve the functioning of the brain; company will use new seed round of $550,000 to commence longevity R&D.

Based in Maastricht in The Netherlands, MindScopic‘s ambition is to develop the world’s best nootropic supplements; nootropic means turning the mind, and as well as quality products, MindScopic is bent on producing nootropics – including herbs, amino acids and vitamins – that are cleanly made and clearly labelled.

Longevity.Technology: We are always interested in new supplements, and rather than try to be all things to all areas of aging, MindScopic has a clear area of focus: the brain. By putting health front and centre, rather than disease, MindScopic aims to enhance cognition and concentration, support overall mental health and foster wellbeing. Mens sana in corpore sano. With the news of their raise, we were keen to find out more about MindScopic, so we caught up with founder Koen Indesteege.

The language of supplements can be confusing, as people grapple with the concepts of nutraceuticals, bioavailability, permeability, bioceuticals… However, nootropics is one area of supplementation we should all wrap our brains around according to Koen Indesteege.
“Nootropics support the optimal functioning of our brain in a natural way,” he says. “By using these additives, you improve your cognitive functions – such as your memory and your concentration. In addition, they regulate the functioning of your nervous system or stabilise your mood. This leads to, among other things, less stress or mental fatigue, an improved mood or an increased quality of sleep.”


MindScopic’s hero product is CLEAR FOCUS, an award-winning natural supplement which is designed to improve mental performance, as well as boosting focus, memory and motivation. The key ingredient is Bacopa Monnieri a herb that stimulates protein synthesis in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that plays an important role in long-term memory. The active ingredient in Bacopa Monnieri, bacosides, has demonstrated a positive influence on brain cells and brain tissue regeneration [1,2,3].

CLEAR FOCUS also contains Rhodiola Rosea, L-Theanine, caffeine, CDP Choline, NADH, vitamin B3, B12 and B5. To enhance bioavailability, a purified extract of piperine, BioPerine®, is also included. MindScopic also make a caffeine-free version.

“MindScopic works according to a strict protocol of quality, safety, effectiveness and purity” says Indesteege. “The products are vegan, GMO free, produced in a GMP certified environment and based solely on scientific research. Due to this strict standard, we are at the top of the food supplement industry.”

In a busy marketplace, MindScopic has already established a loyal customer base.


“The majority of our clientele consists of entrepreneurs, top athletes, students and health enthusiasts,” explains Indesteege. “Although we see that more and more people with a busy lifestyle also want to put their health first and rely on our products.”

As well as CLEAR FOCUS, MindScopic also sells MOODMASTER, a product designed to reduce stress and improve mood, and which contains various vitamins, plant extracts (including valerian root), L-tryptophan, magnesium and BioPerine. The company recently launched the SLEEPWELL SPRAY. Benefiting from quick sublingual absorption, the spray aims to improve your sleep in a natural way using extracts of chamomile and passionflower, as well as lemon balm and melatonin.

Despite a strong product base, Koen Indesteege says MindScopic’s sights are firmly fixed on future developments.

“Last year we managed to double the turnover and now we’ve closed a new capital round,” he says. The investor in this round is a Belgium-based fund which focuses on SpaceTech, FoodTech and BioTech.

“The new capital will be used for research at leading European universities, strengthening the team and new product developments,” adds Indesteege. “We are developing a state-of-the-art OTC Longevity Elixir that will be second to none in the market of longevity/anti-aging. In short, the best is yet to come!”

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Images courtesy of MindScopic

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