Purity, quality, transparency: NMN Bio’s longevity vision

NMN Bio Founder, Elena Seranova, has a vision of a future that doesn’t include aging.

Dr Elena Seranova, the Founder and CEO of NMN Bio is transparent about her goals: to become the number one reliable provider of anti-aging supplements in the UK, Europe and Oceania, while ensuring those supplements are the highest purity and come to the market via transparent supply chain. NMN Bio is a UK-based supplement company, that offers high purity products with focus on longevity. Each product batch is extensively tested to ensure quality and potency.

Longevity.Technology: As supplements gain in popularity, so do the the numbers of manufacturers; this in turn leads to an interest in the providence and purity of the substance taken, with customers keen to avoid low-grade or bulked out substances. When Dr Seranova couldn’t find a reliable supplier of NMN for herself and her family, she put her money where her mouth is and started her own company. We caught up with Seranova to find out more about her vision, her product and why the science comes first.

NAD+ plays a critical role in molecular pathways that keep our bodies running, growing and repairing. As well as NAD+ demonstrating some anti-aging properties, raising the levels of this essential co-enzyme in the body shows promising results when it comes to the fight against age-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, neurodegeneration and diabetes.

NMN, NAD+ and aging

However, levels of NAD+ diminish with age, and this is where NMN comes in. NMN – or nicotinamide mononucleotide – is a naturally-occurring ribo-nucleotide and a direct precursor of NAD+. Increasing the amount of NMN building blocks available encourages the body to up the levels of NAD+ and thus delay aging.

NMN is a Vitamin B3 derivative, and besides the multiple animal studies showing that it can combat the hallmarks of aging, it’s been also demonstrated to be safe in a human clinical study. Most recently, a human study also demonstrated how NMN increases muscle insulin sensitivity, insulin signalling and remodelling in prediabetic women.

So far, so science, but it is science that lies at the heart of NMN Bio. Having completed an MSc in Translational Neuroscience and realising biotech was where she wanted to build her career, NMN Bio Founder Elena Seranova completed a PhD in Stem Cell Biology and Autophagy at the University of Birmingham to improve her decision making process, when it comes to biotech product development.

Elena Seranova
Elena Seranova, NMN Bio Founder

Researching NMN supplements

“While I was studying the role of autophagy in neurodegeneration, my research lead me into looking at the role of NAD+ in neurodegeneration and cell death and I was fascinated by the vital role NAD+ plays in cellular homeostasis, mitochondrial health and longevity,” says Dr Seranova.

“About a year ago, I started taking NMN supplements and, despite loving the effects, found it incredibly difficult to find a reliable, trustworthy supplier. Transparency is so important – after all, people are taking this product and hoping it will make a difference, so there has to be transparency for there to be trust.”

Realising she could target that niche, and that independent testing was key to building that trust with customers, Seranova launched NMN Bio, a company that values transparency of supply chain, third party testing and complete clarity when it comes to all its operations.
“Even some established companies don’t offer a full Certificate of Analysis (CoA) including microbiological tests, heavy metal detection and pH,” says Seranova. “We are proud to manufacture our NMN in an-ISO9001 certified facility. Our company’s registration number is on the website along with our complete CoA. We welcome enquiries, and we are happy to distribute the full list of our suppliers.”


Ensuring confidence in the product

This communication with the public is a key pillar of Dr Seranova’s philosophy.
“NMN Bio is a company founded on science and founded by a scientist,” explains Seranova. “We are driven by science and my focus is to provide the customers with the purest and most efficient supplements that can support their healthspan, and to be clear about what they are taking.

“Part of our responsibility is to educate as many people as possible about the importance of living a healthy life and of maintaining their NAD+ levels as they chronologically age. Aging is not a natural process – it can be treated, just like any other disease, and we need to disseminate that information.

“I want to prolong my healthspan as much as I can and I want to enable others to do likewise. NMN supplementation gives me increased focus and energy levels, and NMN Bio exists to ensure others can enjoy the same benefits, secure in the knowledge they are taking a safe and high quality product. That’s why we operate two online stores, where consumers can shop high quality NMN. Our UK store ships worldwide, with free shipping for all UK orders, and our second store ships directly from our warehouse in New Zealand to all customers in Oceania. We recently released our 3-pack and 6-pack bundles that offer a discount on the regular price of our NMN, while the quality remains the same.”

NMN Bio is set to complement its supplement range with Trans Resveratrol and TMG and is also working on developing proprietary products that have a focus on autophagy and NAD+ boosting molecules. The fast-growing space of senolytics and senotherapeutics is also in Seranova’s sights. “We are excited to be part of the transformation of the anti-aging industry, and hope to bring out more cutting-edge products later in 2021,” she says.

Images courtesy of NMN Bio

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