Top 10 heath gadgets to live longer and healthier

Top ten health gadgets for the longevity enthusiasts in your life.

As the holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving this year, Christmas is right around the corner, which means Black Friday shopping is taking hold like no other. Some retailers began their online deals earlier this week, and while stores may fill up with people fighting over 50 inch flat screen televisions, or the newest set of Bluetooth headphones, the longevity enthusiast has some other items in mind. If you’re not sure what to get your friendly neighbourhood health aficionado, here are ten ideas to get them thinking they could live forever – or longer than originally envisaged!

1. Hapbee Brainwave Technology

The Hapbee Brainwave Technology is a simple, yet effective little gadget, and it is transportable and wearable too. Hapbee Brainwave Technology is a neat headband that pairs to the user’s phone to employ low energy magnetic fields. These stimulate dopamine production in the brain and allows for the onset of happy feelings and improvement of sleep quality. Sleep quality is known for its degradation with age and plays a role in a myriad of long-term negative effects such as weakened immunity and a risk for diabetes. Get your Hapbee headband today!

2. ThechiliPadSleep System

Science shows us that we sleep optimally when we are cooler, and this sleeping-bag system set up allows for just that! With the chiliPad, you don’t need to get up to adjust the thermostat, because it comes with a temperature-controlling remote! It can help those with chronic insomnia and can restore healthy sleep patterns. As people age, sleep times become more inconsistent, creating a slew of adverse side effects like irritability and stress. These cause a catecholamine response in the body and ultimately lead to the breakdown of the person as a whole. With the chiliPad Sleep System, you can restore high quality and long-lasting sleep to help you enjoy the goodness of life. 

3. WobbleChair

The Wobble Chair is something you may see in a chiropractor’s office. With its ability to promote movement in an otherwise-sedentary lifestyle, prolonged use of just ten minutes everyday can relieve lower back pain and improve the Central Nervous System communication up and down the spine. There are various exercises one can do on the seat that allow for the inclusion of balance in your life. By improving nervous system communication, it can help prevent walking difficulties as a person ages and allows for better quality of life.  

4. Somavedic technology  to protect against EMF waves  

This gadget combines frequency therapy with natural science. It is a little device that provides protection from and mutes the effects of EMF radiation, geopathic stress, uncrystalled water and oxidative stress or free radicals. It can aid its buyers by reducing headaches, relieving inflammation and restoring circadian rhythms. As a protective agent, it can remove potential future harmful effects from EMF radiation in the daily life of a 21st century being. 

5. Blublox Glasses

With the recent stress on online education and work tasks, the Blublox Glasses could be just the thing for you! These glasses block blue light from artificial lights and computer screens. They reduce eye strain and encourage healthier sleep habits through blocking these extraneous lights. Without these glasses, retinal damage is increased and eventually the eye strain can cause vision impairment, but these bluelight glasses could be just the thing to aid you in the natural aging process! 

6. Young Goose Skin Age 

“What is this?” you ask. “Another skin cream?” Why, yes, but with an added bonus surprise! Young Goose skin cream has biohacking advantages in comparison with other leading creams and moisturisers. This cream actually increases the rate of cell turnover and promotes regeneration with growth stimulant factors. It calms your nervous system and allows for younger looking, healthier skin. As we age, skin has a much higher prevalence of getting patches, lumps and bumps, both benign and malignant. Young Goose leaves you looking and feeling calmer. 

7. Fascia Blaster

The Fascia Blaster is a fascia regenerating massage tool. It can massage the muscles and fascia of any area of the bod. By using this at-home deep tissue massage tool, you can increase blood flow to your deep tissues and increase nerve function. It has the capability of removing pain in common areas like the hamstrings from sciatica, or the knees for those who stand a lot.  

8. The Sleep Ring or Oura Ring  

Imagine a biohacking tool as wearable as a ring. Oh wait, that already exists! The Oura Ring is a lightweight ring that goes on the finger of your choice while you sleep. It has advanced LED sensors and syncs up with mobile devices to measure sleep quality. It measures which variables affect sleep for the individual, which can allow for changes to be made in temperature, position, or even diet. Having good quality sleep provides lifelong advantages in the realm of health quality, aging and even longevity. 

9. The Apollo Neuro

Another easily wearable biohacking device is the Apollo Neuro, which can improve heart rate, focus, sleep and physical recovery. Chronic stress makes healing much harder for the body to accomplish, as it activates the sympathetic nervous system and releases cortisol. Apollo uses vibration waves to activate the nervous system in various ways. Through this technology, it can control heart rate variability and cortisol release in return. This can help with circulation and self preservation. 

10. Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Mat

The Infrared PEMF mat gives the same benefits as yoga or meditation through its use of magnetic fields and heat. It can ease chronic pain, aid recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness and enhance total body relaxation. It uses small bursts of low frequency electromagnetic waves to create this physiological response in the body. It is a great option for reduced stress, increased energy, better sleep and better muscle recovery!