CBD for healthspan – time to turn over a new leaf

Want to improve your mental and physical wellbeing? Why not try adding a few drops of CBD oil into your routine.

Much has been written about CBD oil, but it remains much misunderstood, as much by its fans as by its critics. The research is increasing, but already the benefits in treating depression, anxiety, diabetes and other conditions have been well documented. Here are just a few reasons this little bottle of oil can help you live a healthier and perhaps longer life.

What is CBD Oil?
Because of its association with cannabis, CBD oil will always be controversial. Cannabidiol was discovered in the 1940s. It contains hundreds of naturally occurring compounds including amino acids, omega 3,6,9 and bioavailable minerals. These can all impact the body’s everyday functions such as mood, memory and pain signalling.

Receptors, categorised as CB1 and CB2, can be activated by naturally occurring endocannabinoids. The body can produce these, but plant-based cannabinoids can add to the impact.

CBD oil is most commonly available in droppers which can be applied topically, or under the tongue. Popular ways to grab a daily dose include adding it to a morning coffee, a smoothie or even a CBD cocktail! CBD has been shown to have a positive impact on a range of conditions including mental health disorders, anxiety and depression.

Interest has grown in recent years and the global market for CBD oils is on the rise. Analysts predict it to grow by more than 20% year on year between now and 2025. As interest grows, and science evolves, we are gaining a deeper understanding of how beneficial it can be.

Pain relief
CBD oil is often taken to ease aches and pains. It engages with many organs in the body helping to reduce inflammation in the body. Topical application on the affected area can directly interact with that part of the body reducing inflammation and pain.

The world today seems tailor-made to stress us out. The arrival of COVID-19 has piled on those pressures and added feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation into the mix. One in four people will experience some form of mental health issue during each year; one in six in any given week.. If left untreated, mild symptoms can become much more serious.

Endocannabinoids improve our body’s ability to regulate our mood and overcome unpleasant emotions or memories. It effectively builds our defence mechanisms against stress and improves our ability to deal with pressure.

A daily dose of CBD oil can keep our internal systems balanced and improve our stress dealing mechanisms.

Improving sleep
Because it addresses an anxiety, it can also contribute to one of the other great issues of the modern world: sleeplessness. Two thirds of people in the developed world aren’t getting the recommended eight hours of sleep and that is having a serious impact on health and wellbeing.

The modern world makes it difficult to get the shut-eye your body needs. Schedules are hectic, and stress can keep you awake at night. Studies suggest people are working harder and feeling less financially secure.

By addressing those feelings of anxiety, CBD has a knock-on impact of helping you improve the quantity and quality of sleep. That in turn has health benefits including helping you to live longer.

Studies are still ongoing and evidence is growing all the time. However, although the exact extent of the benefits are unclear, CBD oil can improve your general wellbeing and, as such, contribute to longevity.

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