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Give your future self the gift of health with these dietitian-approved tips.

The “Decade of Healthy Aging” is upon us, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It’s time to create environments and opportunities that support people doing what they value throughout their entire lives. Everyone, at any age, can change the way they age.

However, not every environment or habit supports healthy aging. For example, the American diet largely consists of added sugars and processed foods, which may contribute to increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Making practical and health forward adjustments to your nutrition plan sets the course for a healthy aging journey.

Longevity.Technology: This World Health Day, set yourself up for a healthier future with these nutrition tips from Mona Rosene, MS, RD – a registered dietitian and Director of Scientific Affairs at ChromaDex.

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Eat better, age better

Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) are limited indicators of proper nutrition. They do not convey the whole story. Vitamin and mineral gaps can exist, especially for the elderly.

A study published in Nutrients highlights deficiencies in vitamin D, folate, vitamin B12, and iron micronutrients in older adults. Psychological changes, reduction of lean body mass, and chronic diseases can further contribute to these deficiencies.

“To counteract some of the nutritional gaps, I recommend consuming a ‘rainbow plate’ filled with whole grains, leafy greens, vegetables, and good fat, such as olive oil or avocado for most meals,” says Rosene. “Include a lean protein source such as chicken or fish. For someone who eats vegetarian or vegan, high protein plant-based products like lentils, soy, and nuts are great substitutions for meat sources.”

Another effective way to fill in nutritional gaps is through supplementation. Commercial vitamins and minerals are a great solution for anyone looking to address deficiencies or support their general health.

The ingredient for healthy aging

Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is a novel form of vitamin B3 that can be incorporated into one’s healthy aging lifestyle. NR helps cells generate a vital cellular molecule called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which declines with age. Metabolic stressors like lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol consumption, and sleep disruption can also negatively impact cells’ NAD+ supply.

Nicotinamide riboside is naturally occuring, and can be found in food sources like cow’s milk and yeast. However, neither of these natural sources contain enough nicotinamide riboside to make any meaningful impact on the body.

Tru Niagen
Today, supplementation of nicotinamide riboside is one of the most effective ways to support healthy aging. Evidence-backed supplement Tru Niagen works to counteract the effects of stress and time. Its sole active ingredient, Niagen, is a patented and commercialized form of nicotinamide riboside. Clinically proven to increase NAD+ and backed Nobel Prize-winning scientists, Tru Niagen truly is the “healthy aging” supplement of the decade.

World Health Day

The WHO is dedicated to building a healthier, fairer world for all. While just one piece of the much larger puzzle, access to nutritious foods is crucial for everyone’s healthy aging regimen.

Certain environmental factors may inhibit access to nutritious foods. Food deserts and food insecurity bar lower income citizens from regular access to healthy foods. Limited access to supermarkets and high costs of nutrient rich foods forces individuals to repeatedly rely on alternatives like fast food. Increased consumption of fast food contributes to a diet high in processed sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats which may have negative health consequences in the long term.

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According to Rosene, “there are several promising (although not fully evaluated) methods to combating food deserts and food insecurity. A workshop summary published in The Public Health Effects of Food Deserts cites incentives for grocery stores and supermarkets, price manipulation of healthy foods, and programs to encourage healthier eating in local communities. We have a long way to go but supporting the food environment now makes the world a healthier place overall.”

While aging is inevitable, healthy aging is attainable. For the Decade of Healthy Aging and World Health Day, prioritize a balance of proper nutrition, cellular health with Tru Niagen, and an active, uplifting community. Make the golden years golden.

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Image credits: Bruno /Germany / Pixabay and ChromaDex