Wealth of experience will foster longevity biotech ideas

The On Deck Longevity Biotech Fellowship has a smörgåsbord of experience lined up, from founders to investors and we’re onboard!

Last week we looked at the rapid rise of the On Deck Longevity Biotech Fellowship (ODLB), “a continuous community for people to come together to build, join, or invest in revolutionary longevity biotechnology startups”. In what feels like the blink of an eye, the ODLB team have gathered an impressive list of Founding Fellows and the closing date for applications for the first cohort is just over a week away. But that’s not all! We are delighted to announce that our very own Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Phil Newman, is joining the list of ODLB Founding Fellows.

Longevity.Technology: Building the future of longevity is no small feat, but the ODLB lifelong community of top founders, operators and investors aims to foster success every step of the way. As founder and CEO of our parent company First Longevity, Phil brings together international investors and longevity start-ups and uses his scope of the longevity space to ensure Longevity.Technology is the #1 destination for news and insights on the technologies that extend life and maintain the quality of that extended life.

In his career, Phil has held various c-level management positions, applying his marketing and business development expertise into tech sectors such as longevity, IoT, AI, medical devices and biopharma.

ODLB will be the go-to community for those looking to take action and accelerate their impact in longevity. Every month, those on the programme will be able to access mastermind sessions, social & networking events, curated connections with other fellows, intimate deep dives with industry leaders and time with experienced mentors, including longevity founders, pharma veterans, VCs and researchers.

“Navigating the biotech ecosystem can be tough,” says ODLB Program Director Nathan Cheng. “Our Founding Fellows and speakers have decades of invaluable experience between them and will support and challenge, foster and develop to ensure that nascent ideas become robust, practical and scalable. They will help those on the program source funding opportunities, learn how to navigate regulation and understand the market.

“Phil has a weather eye on the whole longevity field, whether that’s an early days experiment in a lab or a biotech IPO. His knowledge of longevity investment adds significantly to our experience portfolio, as does his wide-ranging marketing experience. Longevity.Technology is a super resource and we are delighted to welcome Phil aboard!”

Phil is joining an impressive line up; Morgan Levine, Marco Quarta, Kristen Fortney, Jean Hebert, Alexandra Bause, Anastasiya Giarletta, Matt Kaeberlein, Sebastian Brunemeier,  Daniel Ives, Reason, Petr Sramek… the roll call is incredible.

“Pushing the boundaries of longevity biotech needs teamwork,” says Phil Newman. “The magic happens in start-ups, but lack of clarity can stop people building them, joining them or investing in them. I am looking forward to putting my experience to work, helping those in the programme hone their pitch and investment strategy, develop their commercial pathway and build-out their network ahead of market entry.

“At the end of their journey, our Investment Portal awaits to introduce successful longevity tech companies to VC funds, family offices, high net worth and sophisticated investors.​ We can advise on decks, qualification process and funding strategies.”
Who is On Deck Longevity Biotech (ODLB) for?

  • Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to connect, start and grow longevity biotech startups together and at any stage.
  • Operators looking to join a longevity biotech startup.
  • Investors looking to go deeper into the longevity biotech startup ecosystem.

What is the programming like?

  • Remote-first. Some in-person events pending post-COVID.
  • 2 – 3 hours of core programming every week during the year.
  • 6-week onboarding featuring curated connections and workshops & talks covering the fundamentals of biotech entrepreneurship in the context of longevity.
  • Deep dives with experts from industry and academia
  • Networking and social events.
  • Small group sessions and mastermind groups.
  • Startup Demo Days with invited angel investors and VCs.

Tick tock – don’t miss out! Applications for the first cohort close on 31st August 2021. Find out more about the Longevity Biotech Fellowship and how to get involved HERE.

Images courtesy of Nathan Cheng