Loop Insights launches platform to connect healthcare systems

Loop Digital Connect Health Platform is set to provide provincial and federal healthcare systems in Canada with the ability to connect current siloed legacy and antiquated systems.

Loop Insights Inc, which uses contactless solutions and AI to drive automated venue tracing, has announced the January 2021 launch of its Digital Connect Health Platform, a fully-integrated digital healthcare solution designed for both government and private sector.

Longevity.Technology: COVID-19 has accelerated the need for end-to-end digital solutions that make siloed data accessible whenever and wherever. As the Internet of Things becomes more firmly embedded in our healthcare infrastructure, Longevity medicine will be a winner, as diagnoses are made more quickly, preventative therapies enabled and more data to fuel research into age-related diseases becomes available. The platform left standing will be the one that interoperates with health systems, and this, coupled with the low price point when compared with Apple tech, means that opening the Loop could mean closing the deal.

On 20th April, Loop Insights launched the Beta version of its Smart Health contactless check-in platform, which streamlines patient engagement and operations. Loop’s Smart Health device requires just a tap of the patient’s mobile phone to check in and verify their ID. Thereafter, patients have frictionless access to real-time notifications, testing and tracing updates, critical health information and more.

Following ongoing conversations with government stakeholders, as well as private markets, Loop Insights will integrate its real-time AI-driven data applications with its IoT solutions and digital wallet to create its Digital Connect Health Platform, which provides governments and private clients with a secure digital ID, integrated data functionality, access to medical records and integrated ecommerce.

People are living much longer, often with complex needs and multimorbidities which require ongoing health and care services. However, joined-up healthcare isn’t just about managing conditions, it’s about providing proactive, preventative care, joining the dots early by combining all the information and leveraging that for the best possible outcome in terms of healthspan. Interconnectivity between systems is key; break down the data siloes and ensure platforms leverage interoperability, and we will see a healthcare interconnectivity boom.

“Loop provides governments and the private sector with the ability to connect their current legacy and antiquated systems. This is so revolutionary that it has attracted the attention of global technology companies and has positioned Loop for success within healthcare.”

The attempted implementation of varying COVID-19 medical and security protocols, as well as restriction policies by health officials and government leaders from around the world, has demonstrated the need for a single platform capable of providing uniformity and consistency in the application of policies.

To address this, in conjunction with input from those government leaders, Loop Insights developed the Digital Connect Health Platform.

This platform is capable of connecting Canadian Provincial and Federal systems and allows Provinces to maintain jurisdictional authority by managing their own internal data repositories. The Loop Digital Connect Health Platform aggregates and connects information into a Data Warehouse allowing Provincial healthcare systems to speak to each other.

Loop Insights CEO Rob Anson stated “This has been nothing short of a massive undertaking over the past 7 months. In conjunction with key stakeholders who have been expressing the need for continued digital transformation within the healthcare sector, we have delivered a complete end-to-end digital solution that solves the challenge of decades of siloed data, a lack of connectivity and a lack of access.

Loop CEO, Rob Anson.
Loop CEO, Rob Anson.

“As a result, Loop provides governments and the private sector with the ability to connect their current legacy and antiquated systems. This is so revolutionary that it has attracted the attention of global technology companies and has positioned Loop for success within healthcare.”

Loop Insights hopes its digital healthcare platform will provide a fully-integrated solution that allows for electronic medical records, third-party billing services and extended healthcare services, with safe and secure collaboration between multiple large scale healthcare systems.

According to IBISWorld, the Canadian healthcare industry represents a $74-billion market opportunity, with over 1200 businesses working in the space. In addition to its business development progress in the Canadian healthcare industry, Loop Insights has presented to leading healthcare companies in North America and Europe.

On 9th December, Loop Insights joined KABN Systems NA Holdings Corporation, Liquid Avatar, Lumedic, The Campus Agency and TripXpertzwas to form a consortium to manage verifiable identity credentials for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Through this consortium and Loop Insights’ previous partnership with iStoc, the Company is now able to provide medical testing beyond the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic, offering integrated testing for infectious diseases, health screening, drug use, STIs and blood group testing.

In order to match growing demand, Loop Insights has also worked with Istoc to launch integrated global testing solutions for HIV, malaria, hepatitis B and C, TB, ‘flu and strep.

Images courtesy of Loop Insights